Core Constellations: Theory and Practice (CCTP), a not-for-profit collaborative enterprise, 
organises courses and workshops in Systemic and Family Constellations Work. We also offer individual, couples, family or group sessions. 

If you wish to become a facilitator or you are keen to develop further your current facilitation practice, philosophy and technique, or, if you would like to share your experience and insight, we would be delighted to welcome you to CCTP! We also welcome participants who  are interested in the method and would like to find out more about it through personal experience and involvement in the training or the workshops.

Our main goal
is to further the potential of systemic constellations work through developing our own individual potential as facilitators and representatives. We wish to contribute both to individual and collective spaces for creativity, fulfilment, growth, freedom, equality, diversity, healing, and peace. We aim to achieve this through creating a professional, creative and inspiring collaborative learning environment where each participant achieves their own learning goals, gains deeper insight, develops their own facilitation style and applies effectively the systemic constellations method in their respective professional field. CCTP is an experiential and intellectual space, aiming to reveal the core strengths of this method and inspire a creative, forward movement in understanding both our universality and uniqueness.

Our teachers are internationally renowned and most experienced practitioners and thinkers in key fields of systemic constellations work. Dimitrina Spencer interweaves psychotherapy and social anthropology (the cross-cultural perspective). She also integrates a number of sometimes very different approaches in constellations work. Albrecht Mahr and Vivian Broughton offer insights and practical solutions for a rich variety of applications expanding on the work of (respectively) Bert Hellinger and Franz Ruppert. Clare Crombie and Sheila McCarthy Dodd weave together insights from family constellations with Zen practices and with recent advancements in understanding the connections between body, brain and mind. Christine Blumenstein-Essen brings many years of experience in psychotherapy, social work and organisational work.  

The key focus
 we employ includes: personal and professional growth; healing trauma; family, organisational, political and environmental constellations; mindfulness; individual/group systemic constellations work; applied systemic constellations research; and systemic constellations supervision.

The relational pedagogy
we offer is based on the principles of ethical practice and teaching whose key ingredients are truth, love, respect, self-reflexivity, responsibility, acknowledgement and systemic thinking. CCTP started in 2010 as a continuation of the training previously organised by Vivian Broughton in the UK and, drawing on past experience, we are developing new directions.  


The CCTP events and the 2018-2019 course take place in the historic city of Oxford, UK. We also hold workshops and other events in other locations in the UK and we are open to travelling to you. The practice groups take place in the picturesque village of Kirtlington, just outside Oxford.

We organise free tours for our course participants around the main historic sites of the city and the University of Oxford.

Accommodation in Oxford needs to be booked well in advance. We recommend: 

For accommodation, which is free of charge and also a great opportunity to get to know local people in Oxford and the surrounding area - please sign up with http://www.couchsurfing.org 

For B&B, you could consider:

and also:

Parklands Hotel: http://www.parklandsoxford.co.uk/

St. Hugh’s College: http://www.st-hughs.ox.ac.uk/bed-and-breakfast

Things to do in Oxford

Oxford is a vibrant city and there is plenty to see and do.

www.dailyinfo.co.uk provides up-to-date information about events in Oxford.