The Core Courses

The CCTP courses are designed to suit both beginners and advanced SCW practitioners, including lay people, psychotherapists, coaches, organisational consultants and professionals in fields including but not limited to: management, consulting, therapy, social care and healthcare professionals. The group is limited to 20 people in order to provide a lot of space for personal work and for facilitation practice. Some of the modules will be open to CCTP alumni or other trusted colleagues.

If you are a beginner/intermediate practitioner:
You will gain an insight into the foundations of systemic constellations work in key areas of application and work towards personal and/or professional development. If you are interested in facilitation - the goal will be to begin facilitating with confidence within your respective professional field and to develop as a reflective SCW practitioner. 

If you are an advanced practitioner:
You will deepen your practical and theoretical knowledge through new and deeper insights, you will share facilitation experience and you will receive constructive feedback; you can experiment with new techniques and approaches creatively, and, you can receive support in producing publications or other forms of dissemination of your practical experience.

The courses introduces the key approaches and debates in SCW and integrates key strands in current SCW on the following topics: SCW principles and purpose; facilitation principles, practice and technniques, ethical processes, trauma, family, organisational, political and environmental constellations, individual and group systemic constellations work, applied SCW research and integration of constellations with other practices such as Geshtalt, Mindfulness, organisational behaviour, applied or academic research, research and development and education. 

The goal is to demonstrate the main achievements in each field of systemic constellations work and to offer innovative ways of cross-fertilising practice across fields and disciplines. For those who are interested, there will be opportunities to complete a facilitator's portfolio, to develop publications and other innovative ways of contributing to the field of systemic constellations.

The course-work includes: collaborative learning, tutorials, peer mentoring and peer group work, individual and group supervision, and some mandatory and numerous optional assignments (e.g. a facilitator's portfolio).

Please apply as soon as possible as places are limited!