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Course Topics 2016-2017

Module 1:

Systemic Constellations Work (SCW): the Evolution of Theory and Practice and Current Debates
Facilitator: Didi Spencer
23-24 January 2016
1. History of SCW.
2. Key principles and concepts - a critical assessment and applications (including: radical inclusiveness; phenomenology; representative perception; the knowing body; 'the orders of love'; the notions of time and transformation; and 'reaching out').
3. Current SCW Schools of thought and debates; resources in the SCW field.
4. Key SCW techniques and practical exercises.

Module 2:

Integrating SCW Approaches
Facilitator: Christine Blumenstein-Essen
5-7 February 2015
1. Recent developments in trauma work; working with ego states (or inner parts); using visualisation in SCW.
2. Systemic work in organisations and coaching.

Module 3:
Working through Trauma
Facilitators: Vivian Broughton and Didi Spencer
11-13 March 2016
1. Principles of Trauma Constellations.
2. Trauma Constellations theory:
3. Working with Trauma Constellations: The role of the facilitator; Working with the intention - I; Setting up the constellation;
The process: trust, truth and uncertainty; respect and client autonomy; Safety. 

Module 4:
Creativity and Innovation in SCW
Facilitators: Dr Albrecht Mahr
6-8 May 2016
1. Facilitating systems for transformation and innovation.
2. Working with the heart.
3. Thriving in team collaborations - organisational SCW.
4. The latest techniques in family constellations and other SCW approaches.

Module 5:

Working with individual clients; groups and with couples; Working with the Intention - II
Facilitator: Didi Spencer
10-12 June 2016
Principles and techniques of individual SCW work.
2. Clarity - principles and techniques.
3. Working with the Intention - II. 

Module 6:
Working with the Body, Imagination, Voice and Sound in SCW
Facilitator: Didi Spencer
7-9 October 2016
1. Working through birth traumas.
2. Working with illness and somatic symptoms.
3. Voice, sound and attachment.

Module 7:
Organisational SCW and broader applications
Facilitators tbc
9-11 December 2016
1. Principles and practice of organisational SCW.
2. SCW informing leadership and coaching.
3. Environmental Constellations.
4. SCW in educational fields.
5. SCW tackling social and political issues.

Module 8: 
Didi Spencer
13-15 January 2017
1. Transgenerational love.
2. Nourishing the Child.
3. Couples work in CSW.
4. Love and trauma.