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Our Alumni Say...

             "The CCTP course was an inspiring training in the theory and practice of systemic constellations - unique in  combining the more traditional family constellations with trauma constellations across the modules and touching on use of constellations work within organisations. With two other participants I have since facilitated workshops to use the methodology for people to consider issues around identity and race.

I am now offering "CareStellations" specifically for anyone working in the health and social care sector using the method for 1-1 coaching or addressing organisational issues - see"

                                                                Richard Pantlin, Organisational Consultant

          "Synonymous with learning, Oxford and Linacre college, a little out of the busy city centre, offers the perfect setting. I am already using the approach in my work as a coach and facilitator, attending the CCTP course has enriched and deepened my understanding of all things systemic. Bringing together some leading trainers in the field, it has been wonderful to experience different perspectives and applications of the methodology. Didi is a generous and engaging trainer. Her depth of knowledge is astounding as is her openness to learn and grow with the course delegates. The number of participants is enough to ensure a wide range of perspectives yet small enough to guarantee a safe environment, particularly when exploring some challenging human issues. My next development steps in my practice are to offer facilitation and workshops in my local area from Spring 2015. I thoroughly recommend CCTP’s course to anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge of Systemic Constellations and their application in family and organisational issues. Thanks Didi!

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                                      Patrizia Amanti, European Coach and Facilitator

            "Your wisdom and gentle sprit have touched me and I feel blessed by your qualities and you have taught me a lot.

            The programme you have orchestrated has been rich, deep, challenging and so rewarding for me. I am now running constellations workshops such as this one:" 

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                                                                                                                 Alexandra Smith, Psychotherapist, Facilitator and Executive Coach

                "Thank you very much for putting together a rich and rewarding course.  Your compassion for the work and your respect and appreciation for humanity and all its diversity somehow flows through the contents we have covered over the past year – I’m very grateful for the energy you have heart-fully dedicated and devoted to brining this group together.  You were a beautiful holding space and I think next year’s participants have much to look forward to." 

                                                                                                                                   Sophie - Hye Yoon Chung, Research and Development Manager

                "I personally felt more mature, down to earth, getting to know so many different views, applications of constellations, and we were very lucky in this sense.

From the beginning, I felt at home, very welcome – it is really a reflection of your approach of teaching and learning."

                                                                                                                Fatma Zengin, Psychotherapist, Researcher and Constellations Facilitator