Welcome to Core Constellations: Theory and Practice (CCTP)! 

CCTP, a not-for-profit collaborative enterprise, organises introductory and advanced training in systemic constellations. You could join for as much or as little as you want. You could also have individual, private or group sessions. Just call or email to let us know. 

Systemic constellations work (SCW) is widely recognised as an effective method for understanding, researching and resolving everyday problems, various individual, family, group or organisational challenges as well as deeper conflicts or transformations of the self and the collective. SCW pays attention to the interdependence between individuals and groups in both their current and historical contexts.  

This solution-focused method has found numerous applications in different fields such as: education, organisational behaviour and innovation, leadership, political process, psychology, psychotherapy and body-therapy, supervision, family therapy, psychoanalysis, trauma healing, nursing, social work, coaching, and art among others. The wide range of applications is due to the method's effectiveness, versatility and adaptability to different settings. 

For a variety of views about the goals and meaning of SCW, see: What Are Systemic Constellations? 

Systemic constellations practice has evolved significantly and more and more spaces for its discussion (in terms of methods, philosophy, technique and theory) are now opening. One of our aims is to work towards expanding and deepening the links between practice and theory and between doing SCW and talking and writing about SCW. We see collaborative learning as a process opening fertile discussion and new practice spaces of SCW. 

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