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The official site for Bert Hellinger:

International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA):
Vivian Broughton is one of the leading UK facilitators working with trauma and with individuals. Her monograph is In the Presence of Many: Reflections on Constellations Emphasising the Individual Context (Green Balloon Publishing, 2010, UK), and her second book on trauma constellations is: In the Heart of Things (Green Baloon Publishing).
Albrecht Mahr is one of the most experienced practitioners and systemic thinkers today.   Frantz Ruppert is one of the leading trauma specialists. He is the author of numerous publications on systemic trauma. This renowned Centre develops and runs excellent trainings, seminars and workshops in systemic constellations in the realm of family and other social systems. 
The Knowing Field: International Constellations Journal, edited by Barbara Morgan 

One of the best organisational constellations experts:

An important publisher of systemic constellations work:
Human Systems Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA
The International Association for Systemic Solutions 

South Africa:

Coaching Constellations:

Bertold Ulsamer:

Interesting articles  Interesting articles you

Gunthard Weber Wieslocher

Hunter Beaumont 
Hunter Beaumont’s

Sneh Victoria Schnabel 
Sneh Victoria Schnabel’s

Books and Tapes: 
Zeig, Tucker, Thiesen  

The Hellinger Institute of North California:

Zeig, Tucker, Theisen Publishing
Bert Hellinger's U.S. publisher 

English Language Systemic Constellation Information Exchange. E.L.S.C.I.E. 
Searchable database of articles on various aspects of Constellation work 

Many Kites Press
Combining Native American and Constellation perspectives

Selected Articles on Chris Walsh's website.

Systemic Constellations Facilitators in Europe:

Albrecht Mahr, MD (Germany)

Arte Systemica (Grenoble, France):

Dr. Bertold Ulsamer (Germany) 

Cecilio Regojo (Lisbon)

Chris Walsh, MD (Australia) 

Frantz Ruppert (Munich, Germany)   

Gunthard Weber, MD (Germany)

Hunter Beaumont, Ph.D. (Germany) 

John Payne (London)

Judith Hemming (London) 

Stephan Hausner (Germany)

Specialing in Illnesses and Physical Symptoms

Marta Thorsheim, (Norway) 

Dr. Ursula Franke (Germany)

Vivian Broughton, Bristol and London (UK):

Systemic Constellations Facilitators in South America:

Systemic and Family Constellations Mexico

Raquel Schlosser

Systemic Constellations Facilitators in the USA:

Andy Stuck
Family and Organizational Constellations, Ohio

Annie Block Pearl
Family Constellations, New York, NY 

Brigitte Essl

Constellations and Training, San Francisco, CA


Brigitte Sztab
Constellations and Training, Washington State

Carla Van Walsum

Systemic Constellations and Transpersonal Counseling, Florida 

The Constellations Group, Washington, DC

Carol Heil, Betsy Hostetler, Mary Rentschler

Dyrian Benz-Chartrand & JoAnna Chartrand-Benz
Constellations and Training, Santa Barbara, CA

Edward Lynch, Ph.D.

Constellations and Training, Connecticut 

Gary Stuart

Constellations Healing Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Hellinger Institute of DC
Constellations and Training, Washington, DC

Jamy & Peter Faust 
Constellations and Training, Belmont, MA

Jane Peterson
Constellations and Training, Portland Oregon 

Kenn Day

Constellations and Shamanic Counseling, Ohio

Libby Ann Shapiro

Constellations, New York

Lisa Iversen
Constellations, Washington State

Mark Johnson
Constellations and Training, Washington State

Michael Reddy, Ph.D.
Core Energy Coaching and Systemic Constellations, 

National Practice based in Pennsylvania

Peter deVries

Constellations and Trainings, San Francisco, CA 

Samvedam Randles
Constellations and Breathwork, Watertown, MA

Seattle Constellations Network

Sheila Saunders

Constellations, Asheville, NC

Suzi Tucker

Constellations and Training, New York 

Tom Daly and Jude Blitz

Constellations and Hakomi Therapy, Boulder, CO